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April 17, 1998

There’s no partnership like a “joint” partnership, especially for Jack, Carter and Harlan, three inexperienced players looking to score some fast cash in the high-stakes world of dope dealing. The three work as pot farmers who make easy money tending a vast Northern California crop owned by an oddball marijuana maven named Malcolm. But when Malcolm turns up dead, the three “”budding”” businessmen – along with their gal-pal Lucy – come to the half-baked conclusion that they can handle the distribution of the marijuana themselves. Soon the trio finds themselves in the company of crooked cops, duplicitous dealers, Mafia hitmen, and homicidal helicopter pilots in their crazed quest to cash in their crop.


April 18, 2008

A group of medical students devise a deadly game: to see which one of them can commit the perfect murder.

The Music Of Chance

June 4, 1993

Based on the international bestselling novel by acclaimed writer Paul Auster, this is an evocative, darkly drawn tale of power, manipulation and high stakes living. Two small-time gamblers are caught in a web of power and manipulation. After losing a final hand of poker to two eccentric millionaires, they’re unable to pay their debts. So, they must agree to a bizarre deal: they’ll work off what they owe by building a huge stone wall around the millionaires’ estate. But soon the set-up deteriorates into a sadistic game pitting the bored millionaires against their unwitting indentured servants.

The Gift

January 19, 2001

A supernatural thriller about a young woman whose life, whether she wants it or not, has been shaped by her gift of psychic vision. Annie Wilson, a single mother who supports her three young boys by performing psychic readings for the troubled residents of her small southern town, helps police find a murdered local socialite, Jessica King. But, no gift is a blessing and Annie must open the door into her deepest fears in order to find Jessica’s killer before she herself becomes the next victim. “”The Gift”” tells a haunting and powerful story of death, redemption and the persistence of love.

The Human Stain

June 1, 1983

The story of Coleman Silk, a classics professor with a terrible secret that is about to shatter his life in a small New England town. When his affair with a young troubled janitor is uncovered, the secret Silk had harbored for over fifty years from his wife, children and colleagues, fast explodes in a conflagration of devastating consequences. It is writer Nathan Zuckerman who stumbles upon Silk’s secret and sets out to reconstruct the unknown biography of this eminent, upright man, esteemed as an educator for nearly all his life, and to understand how this ingeniously contrived life came unraveled.

Arlington Road

July 9, 1999

Michael Faraday, a recently widowed college history professor, and his 10-year-old son, are befriended by the Langs’, a vivacious, all-American family new to their suburban neighborhood. As the two families become closer, Michael slowly becomes suspicious of his gregarious neighbor and the more he finds out, the more his unease begins to mount. Something is not quite right in the house across the street.

Domestic Disturbance

November 2, 2001

John Travolta stars as the divorced father of a boy who claims to have witnessed a murder by his new stepfather, played by Vince Vaughn. No one believes the boy, except his father who must race to save his son.


Sept 16, 2012

Gone, a thriller, tells the story of Jill Parrish (Amanda Seyfried), who comes home from working the night shift to discover that her sister Molly has disappeared. Jill is convinced that Molly has been abducted by the same serial killer from whom Jill escaped the year before and that by sundown Molly will be dead. The police think Jill’s crazy, so she sets out alone to rescue her. Is Jill mentally ill, merely chasing shadows, or will she find Molly before it’s too late?