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Intimate Stranger

November 15, 1991

Harry stars as Cory Wheeler, a struggling rock-and-roll singer who pays the bills by working as a phone-sex girl. Late one evening an annonymous customer calls, asking Cory to complete a menage a trois with a woman he holds captive in his apartment. Cory plays along . . . until she hears the woman’s fear-filled screams and the caller’s bloodcurdling admission of murder.

Half Light

January 17, 2006

Rachel Carson (Demi Moore), a best-selling crime novelist, is devastated and filled with guilt over the accidental death of her son. Hoping that a change of scenery will help alleviate her suffering, she leaves her home in the city and moves into a vacant country house owned by a friend and begins a relationship with charming local Angus (Hans Matheson). But, just as her life is taking a turn for the better, Rachel realizes she’s being romanced by a ghost, leading her to doubt her own sanity.


September 3, 2009

Each week Kable (Gerard Butler), a death-row inmate, battles his fellow prisoners in a violent online game called “Slayers,” his every move controlled by a young gamer’s remote device. To the players, Kable and the other inmates are just simulated characters. But, to a resistance group that opposes the game’s inventor, Kable is a critical component of their plan to end the inventor’s form of high-tech slavery.


September 2, 1988

An ex-priest (Billy Drago) talks to a radio psychologist while driving around looking for motorists to shoot.

Debajo Del Mundo

October 5, 1988

The story unfolds in 1941 in Poland invaded by the Nazis. There, a family seeks refuge in a well to escape the German army.

Death Before Dishonor

February 20, 1987

A gung-ho Marine sergeant (Fred Dryer) tries to rescue a colonel (Brian Keith) kidnapped by terrorists in the Mideast.

Dead End Drive-in

August 1986

Teenage lovers (Ned Manning, Natalie McCurry) become trapped in a drive-in, prisoners of authority in the 1990s.

Dangerous Affection

November 1, 1987

A pregnant mother and her young son become the target of a killer.

Crank 2: High Voltage

April 17, 2009

After surviving an incredible plunge to near-certain death, Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) is abducted by Chinese mobsters. Waking up three months later, Chev finds that his nearly indestructible heart has been replaced with a battery-operated device that requires regular jolts of electricity or it will fail. Chev escapes from his captors, reunites with his lover, Eve (Amy Smart), and sets out on a frantic chase through Los Angeles to get his real heart back.


September 1, 2006

Chev Chelios (Jason Statham), a hit man wanting to go straight, lets his latest target slip away, then he awakes the next morning to a phone call that informs him he has been poisoned and has only an hour to live unless he keeps adrenaline coursing through his body while he searches for an antidote.