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Shadow Play

September 20, 1986

A playwright, staying by herself on a remote island, is haunted by the spirit of her dead fiance, who had committed suicide.

Reform School Girls

August 22, 1986

Inmates run around in mail-order lingerie, and a new arrival (Linda Carol) opposes the perverts (Wendy O. Williams, Pat Ast) in charge.

The Pit

October 23, 1981

Left with a baby sitter (Jeannie Elias), a bad boy (Sammy Snyders) with a teddy bear finds a pit with four hungry monsters.

Penalty Phase

November 18, 1986

A judge must make a decision that could cost him his career, personal integrity and the respect of his colleagues.

Out Of Control

May 1985

Eight teenagers headed for a fun-filled weekend, find their plans destroyed when their plane crashes on an isolated island frequented by a dangerous gang of drug smugglers.

Original Sin

February 20, 1989

When his son is kidnapped a man has to face his past demons in speaking to a Mafia don about it.

Murder In Mind

August 26, 1997

A hypnotherapist (Nigel Hawthorne) helps a woman (Mary-Louise Parker) recall why she was holding a weapon that killed her husband (Jimmy Smits).

Miss Monday

August 13, 1999

Seeking character inspiration for his screenplay, a frustrated writer (James Hicks) follows a woman (Andrea Hart) and studies her life.

The Midnight Meat Train

August 1, 2008

When struggling photographer Leon Kaufman (Bradley Cooper) meets the owner of a prominent art gallery, he sees a chance for the success that has, so far, eluded him. Determined to show the darker side of humanity for his debut showing, Leon crosses paths with Mahogany (Vinnie Jones) a serial killer who preys on late-night subway commuters. His fascination with Mahogany pulls him — and his lover (Leslie Bibb) — deep into an evil abyss.


August 11, 2000

A young woman enters the world of exotic dancing and doesn’t like all she finds within.