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Mountaintop Motel Massacre

April 1986

Deeply troubled, Evelyn catches her young daughter worshipping Satan in the basement of their remote Arkansas mountaintop motel. She loses her mind, and butchers the girl with a knife. Trying to pass the death off as an accident, Evelyn keeps the motel open. That night, believing she was instructed to do so by the ghost of her daughter, Evelyn creeps through the motel’s tunnels and trap doors, attempting to murder every last motel guest who might suspect her of murder. She manages to gruesomely kill off most everyone without attracting any attention, but when a few survivors finally realize what’s going on, they band together in a plot to finish off this madwoman!


July 18, 1986

Ordered to fetch a stripper, fraternity pledges (Chris Makepeace, Robert Rusler) try the After Dark Club and meet a tall vampire (Grace Jones).

Transylvania 6-5000

June 1, 1983

Two tabloid reporters (Jeff Goldblum, Ed Begley Jr.) go to a strange land to check on rumors of monsters running amok.


August 8, 1990

In 1957, a strange unexplained force began to operate among the simple townsfolk in the small mining town of Hellgate. Events culminated with the rape of Josie, the sensuous daughter of the head of the community. From that day forth, the town closed down. Now, it’s 1989 and four college friends are on their way to spend their summer vacation at a ranger station. Matt, the group’s leader picks up a beautiful ethereal woman on the deserted mountain road. Introducing herself as Josie, she seduces him. Suddenly, Matt finds himself unearthing the evil secrets of the ghostlike, zombie-ridden mining town that welcomes newcomers to death.


April 1986

A detective sets out to capture a psycho who kills women, but the psycho turns the tables and goes after the detective’s girlfriend.

The Vineyard

July 1989

A mad doctor (James Hong) lures young people to his island, needing their essence for his potion of immortality.

Terror In The Swamp

December 18, 1986

In an effort to create the perfect nutria for breeding by the fur industry, a scientist and his assistant inadvertently create a brutal mutation that escapes into the nearby swamps.

Teen Vamp


Once an unimpressive bore, a high-school geek is bitten and contracts vampirical symptoms, transforming him into a confident coolio in this comedy.

The Stuff

June 14, 1985

A private detective investigates a new consumer taste treat that’s absolutely delicious and just possibly lethal.

Star Crystal

April 1986

Space-station crew members (C. Jutson Campbell, Faye Bolt, Taylor Kingsley) escape from an explosion, with a deadly creature from Mars.