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I Like To Hurt People


The Sheik and Andre the Giant are among the wrestling superstars who battle each other for supremacy of the ring.

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

July 31, 1988

Learn the tools of the comic book drawing trade with hosts Stan “The Man” Lee and John Buscema.

Grunt! The Wrestling Movie

November 1985

A documentary filmmaker (Jeff Dial) tries to prove that a new wrestler, the Mask, is in fact the late Mad Dog Joe.

The Fantasy Film Worlds of George Pal


This documentary focuses on the life and career of filmmaker George Pal, who is best known for his many fantastical productions. The movie looks back at Pal’s early work in his native Hungary and the development of his patented “Puppetoons,” a style of stop-motion animation that paved the way for his later sci-fi cinema innovations. Among the many Hollywood figures that pay tribute to Pal are Ray Harryhausen, Charlton Heston, Tony Curtis and Joe Dante.

Beyond The Finish Line

Racing legends and leading-edge designers discuss the ultimate high-performance standards that both road and driver demand. This documentary explores the latest developments and applications of high-tech electronics, aerodynamics and safety at Lockheed, Ford and on the track, as it covers auto racing from the drafting table to the finish line and beyond.

Mayor Of The Sunset Strip

March 26, 2004

This emotional documentary follows the remarkable life of Rodney Bigenheimer, a trend setting Los Angeles Disc Jockey, who for the last 27 years helped launch the careers of Van Halen, No Doubt, Blondie, Billy Idol, Coldplay, Oasis and many others.