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The Fantastic World of D.C. Collins

February 10, 1984

Account of a young boy who prefers his dream world of intrigue and adventure to reality.

Eat And Run

October 17, 1986

A 1940s-style detective (Ron Silver) traces missing persons to a tubby, man-eating alien who likes spicy food.

The Dog That Stopped The War

October 25, 1985

During Christmas holidays, the children of a small village split themselves into two groups and begin preparing a week-long snowball war. The rivalry opens up tension among group members, especially leaders Luc and Sophie.

Delivery Boys

April 1985

Hookers, sculptors and ex-Nazis detain pizza boys (Joss Marcano, Tom Sierchio, Jim Soriero) on the night of their break-dancing contest.

Alone In The T-Shirt Zone


It’s to the psycho hospital for a crazed T-shirt artist who has difficulty getting his grip.

2 Idiots In Hollywood

October 1, 1988

In a movie within a movie, two dumbbells (J.B. McGrath, Jeff Doucette) leave the Midwest in search of the American Dream.

Cloud 9

January 3, 2006

Billy Cole (Burt Reynolds), a down on his luck Malibu conman, hits the jackpot when he comes up with his greatest idea yet: starting a beach volleyball team with strippers from a local club he frequents, CLOUD 9. But what starts out as an exploitative moneymaking proposition turns into a run for glory when the women decide they want to win it all.


January 13, 1984

A moderately successful New York model is cynical about ever reaching the top of her profession. In a chance meeting between her taxi and his limousine, Kit meets wealthy, dominating entrepreneur, T.C. Sloane, who turns his attraction and love for her into a career launching campaign. He is determined to make Kit into a superstar!


September 12, 1997

It’s 1926 and drifter Ted Beaubien gets mixed up in a deadly mission during the Chinese Civil War. After his girlfriend is executed, he vows to get revenge by becoming a gunrunner. In search of the necessary artillery, he returns to his hometown where he makes a deal to buy guns from some treacherous gangsters. Desperate to raise the gun money, Ted enters into a highly dangerous bootlegging mission that culminates in a bloody ambush. Ted survives, only to discover that he has been betrayed.

Beginner’s Luck

January 1986

Hunter, an otherwise reserved groom-to-be/law student, cajoles his neighbors, an unmarried couple, into joining him in pursuing his unrealized sexual fantasies. They take out a personal ad inviting adventurous couples to participate in sexual liaisons. Complications arise when an unexpected love triangle develops between the three friends. They end up engaging in a manage e trois, only to find themselves interrupted by Hunter’s fianc√© who suddenly arrives in town unannounced!