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Once A Hero

September 19, 1987

A down-on-his-luck comic book artist life is turned upside down when his creation, Captain Justice, comes to life.

Night Patrol

November 16, 1984

Policeman Melvin (Murray Langston) works the weirdo night beat and moonlights as an unknown comic with a bag on his head.

Nice Girls Don’t Explode

February 1987

Things burst into flames when a teenager (Michelle Meyrink) gets romantic, all because of her mother (Barbara Harris).

Maximum Security

July 3, 1984

Prisoners and a prison psychiatrist struggle with life in maximum security.

Mafia Kid

September 16, 1988

A boxer (Sasha Mitchell) courts a mob boss’s (Ernest Borgnine) daughter and is banished to the barrio.

Las Vegas Weekend


Computer nerd starts winning big in Las Vegas, finds women being attracted to him.

Just Looking


A 33 year old architect deals with his sexually repressive wife by becoming a peeping tom.

Just A Kiss

September 27, 2002

To cheat or not to cheat? That is the question that faces two city couples: commercial director Dag (Ron Eldard) and his down-to-earth girlfriend Halley (Kyra Sedgwick) ; and peanut-butter mascot Peter (Patrick Breen) and his Prozac-popping girlfriend Rebecca (Marley Shelton). One illicit kiss sends a group of young Manhattanites on a wild ride into the dark side of modern romantic neuroses. In this 21st century metropolis, fate, lust and loss sometimes dangerously, often comically, collide.

Jake Speed

May 30, 1986

Paperback hero Jake (Wayne Crawford) and his author (Dennis Christopher) help a girl (Karen Kopins) save her sister from white slavers in Africa.

Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here

August 22, 1988

Insect-like aliens invade a small town. The local teenagers have been watching a sci-fi marathon in the local theater, and from those films they get ideas on how to fight the creatures.