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Roller Blade

July 1986

In post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, a wicked doctor wants a crystal possessed by a nun (Katina Garner) in a wheelchair.

Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night

August 6, 1987

Pinocchio falls into the clutches of evil carnival people who attempt to turn him back into a lifeless puppet.

Peter Gunn

September 18, 1961

A police lieutenant helps a private detective solve crimes.

Overdrawn At The Memory Bank

February 4, 1985

A futuristic rebel (Raul Julia) becomes a Humphrey Bogart character after watching repeated reruns of “Casablanca.”

Orion’s Belt

February 8, 1985

Three Norwegians on an arctic wilderness expedition happen upon a concealed Soviet surveillance station.

Operation Hit Squad


A couple of rich women get captured by a group of terrorists, a crack team of mercenaries called Operation Hit Squad are called in to rescue them.

Omega Syndrome

January 23, 1987

A Los Angeles journalist’s (Ken Wahl) war buddy (George DiCenzo) helps him rescue his daughter (Nicole Eggert), kidnapped by neo-Nazis.

No Retreat, No Surrender

May 2, 1986

Picked on by Seattle bullies, a karate student (Kurt McKinney) learns enough to face a Soviet (Jean-Claude Van Damme) twice his size.

The Most Dangerous Woman Alive


A promising young army cadet is raped by her commanding officer, She gets her revenge by luring him and the men who acquitted him to a remote island.

Monte Carlo

November 9, 1986

A spy thriller set in Monaco during World War II.